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I am on a mission to ignite transformation in women whose well-being & health has taken a back seat For One Reason Or Another And Who are nOW ready to Take The Steps To Revive & thrive, Even If You Have Tried & Failed A Thousand Times Before!


life transforming coaching

An opportunity for you to finally break free from feeling stuck and exhausted to feeling empowered. Under my gentle guidance and support, you can unlock your full potential, restore vitality and embrace the vibrant, purposeful life you're meant for. Wouldn't that be brilliant!


group empowerment programs

A chance for you to be among supportive, like-minded women as you embark on an exciting, empowering journey. "Thrive" equips you with tools to overcome life's obstacles, regain vitality and ignite your innate potential. In "Confident Menopause," we provide a nurturing space to navigate this life stage with grace, offering strategies for holistic well-being, so that you can confidently embrace the unique power and wisdom of this transformative phase.


restorative retreats

A time for you to escape the daily grind and embark on a restorative journey where you can immerse yourself in tranquil settings, rejuvenate your body and mind, and find inner balance and bliss on a path to renewal and well-being. Doesn't that sound so soothing and beautiful!

a journey into rejuvenation & joy

Stepping through this rocky portal in the photo is akin to navigating life's unpredictable terrain in my late 40's. If you've had a challenge, I've got you covered!

Tears appear as I recall the day my family all huddled around my Dad's hospital bed. Feeling numb, not knowing what to say, we watched as he peacefully passed away. When my Dad took his final breath a strange feeling took over my body. It was a terrible shock to my system and I was literally floored for months! Losing someone close is not always easy, it took me into a space of solitude. Reflecting on my childhood challenges, a car accident at age 25 and a whole host of health struggles since, I suddenly realised that we are all responsible for our own life and if we want health, happiness and joy, then it's up to us to create it ...even on the days we don't feel that we can!

Thankfully I had learned life-skills and techniques to take me though the tough times. Through taking control of my mental well-being and renewing my physical health with these tried and trusted lifestyle solutions... I successfully restored my mind, body and soul. It was a matter of practicing what I was already teaching professionally for twenty years!

Not knowing when the day will arrive for us to take our final breath, I believe it's a good idea to embrace life, staying as well as we can so that we enjoy every day, continue to thrive, working well and spend quality time with family and friends.

On my journey into well-being I tried the traditional and alternative therapies available. Often feeling fed up and frustrated when they didn't help me, I kept going, one step at a time... I'm glad I did!

Thanks to implementing easy lifestyle changes...

Today I feel alive and thrive and I know YOU CAN TOO!

Imagine what your life will look like when

rejuvenation and joy abound!

“From Stiff Joints to Surprising Flexibility at 60+.”

A friend recommended Yoga with Louise. Hoping for relaxation. I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was & how great I felt after and in just a few months, my flexibility & balance improved significantly. I began in my mid-sixties proving it's never too late! Good balance is crucial as we age and with its brilliant health benefits, yoga has made a remarkable difference!

aveen evers


Sharing my 25 years experience...

“Bringing YOU The Best Mind-Body-Soul Teachings From Leading Experts I Have Been Blessed To Train In-Person With.”

NOW It's Your Time To Thrive !

would you like to make the rest of your life ...

the best of your life ???

Here's How YOU CAN!

for you if you are ready to get your well-being back on track!

Revive & Thrive


Embark on a journey of empowered transformation, where every step leads to a rejuvenated, radiant self.
Explore emerging wellness trends that redefine what it means to be healthy in today's fast-paced world.
Emerge a brighter, lighter, more vibrant version of yourself, ready to live life feeling carefree and fulfilled.

for you if you are ready to master menopause

Confident Menopause


Embrace the changes with confidence so that you can get on with living life, working well and being able to balance it all.

Energise your journey with wonderful well-being and self-care that you can easily sprinkle through your day.

Empower yourself with our cutting-edge approach, seamlessly integrating the power of the mind with the vitality of the body.

Life Transformation


Group, Private & Corporate Stress Mastery

Local & International Retreats

Group, Private & Corporate Healthy Eating

Local & Online Mindful Meditation

YOGA On The Beach, Online & Local Classes

If you would like to discover how YOU can feel as Healthy, Happy & Joyful as the women who no-longer say 'Tomorrow' to what matters most - feel free to contact me on 087-9910747

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